“a next-level containerhome in Cape Verde, Africa”

At the end of 2017, the Molenaar family and three other families left Holland to participate in the Dutch RTL-television program “Helemaal het einde”. The concept of this reality show is that the families do not know where they are headed in advance. Al they know is that is will be far away from what they call their home, until then…

project kaapverdie
project kaapverdie
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These families receive a starting capital, a piece of land and after a year they will decide who will stay and who will return to the Netherlands. In this year they are followed by a camera-crew and their experiences are broadcasted weekly on Dutch television. In 2016 we were able to see three families in Chile, South America  and in 2017 this turned out to be Cape Verde. Fleur de Wolf and Ocke Molenaar decided to participate in this program together with their two children. They left their successful career at a worldwide oil company to start all over again in Cape Verde, Africa. Upon arrival, the land they were allowed to use was overgrown with scrub and bushes. All they had was a tent in which they lived until they were able to build their own home.


Soon there were plans to realize a holiday park together with the Beerens family to receive holiday guests there. Both families have worked very hard to realize what is now called…Casa Tambor!

In doing so, they have acted consistently from an ethical point of view. They have created employment for the people of  Sao Vicente with this project. Masons, artists, electricians and also disadvantaged people have been given a chance to help build Casa Tambor and make Cape Verde a bit better.

“A colorful result and certainly something to be proud of!”

What is striking about Casa Tambor is that the holiday homes are built in the Tambor style that can be found in Cape Verde. Made of oil barrels, where the lids are re-used for the lamps and furniture in the bar. The bar itself was realized from sea containers, an idea that Ocke Molenaar had been thinking about and was inspired by for a long time. Container homes and tiny housing is a hot topic in the world anno 2018. Because of this, Ocke and Fleur decided to build their own home also from containers and then create a living in a simple yet stylish way. And they succeeded!


In addition to the container constructions, Ocke and Fleur have an interest in the overall housing market, which is why they started Molenaar Investments throughout 2017. A few months later they have beautiful projects in the portfolio. See for example the new-build project Joao d’Evora or the amazing white villa at Santo Antao.


See the result of Casa Molenaar in 360 degrees below and look in and around the container house. An incredibly beautiful home in a very beautiful piece of Africa. A great result of passionate and ambitious thinkers Ocke and Fleur Molenaar with their hearts at the right place! A heart in the Netherlands, a heart for Africa and her people and most importantly: a heart for the world.

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